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MCrider.com – free online motorcycle training by video

New motorcycle class videos released weekly. Improve your braking, cornering, body position & more on your motorcycle. All videos shot and produced by a professional motorcycle instructor in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. They are offered free of charge as a gift back to the motorcycling community. MCrider was launched with a simple goal: to help motorcycle riders get better at their craft. MCrider offers advanced motorcycle training and skills, new rider training and strategies to help you navigate the roads. MCrider is passionate about riding motorcycles with the ultimate goal: Put the motorcycle where your want it on the road…when you want it to be there.

There are 100's of YouTube channels out there that show others riding motorcycles but very few that show you how to ride a motorcycle. In fact I have 100's of videos on YouTube that show motorcycle road trips, demo rides and product reviews. But, with MCrider I wanted to offer something different, using video and solid motorcycle instruction to provide some real value to the motorcycling community.

Motorcycle training based in Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX

All videos shot & produced by a MSF & Total Control certified instructor in Ft. Worth, TX. MCrider can not substitute for hands on motorcycle training. If you have not taken a hands on motorcycle class, find one in your local area, a good source is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation & Total Control.  Each video on MCrider will feature a specific topic related to motorcycle control and or strategy. It will provide you some real world examples on how to apply this technique to your own riding. Our classes are mini motorcycle training videos available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Watch a video and apply the riding technique to your next ride.

MCrider releases a weekly video every Tuesday morning on the subject of motorcycle control and strategy. MCrider videos and the associated web site is produced by Kevin Morris, a professional motorcycle instructor located in Dallas / Ft Worth, TX. All videos are filmed in Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas and edited in a garage / studio / man cave. 🙂 You are responsible for your own safety, please train responsibly.