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  • Best street motorcycles by category

    If you are in the market for a slightly used or left over model from last years crop of motorcycles here are the best of the motorcycles according to Cycle World for 2016. The motorcycles are broken down into the following categories: best cruiser, best adventure motorcycle, best lightweight street motorcycle, … Read More

  • Triumph Bonneville T100

    After deciding between two different motorcycles I got a new (to me) motorcycle. I got a 2007 Triumph Bonneville T100. I was looking at the T100 and the Honda CB1100. I test rode both and they were both fantastic bikes. The CB1100 definitely had more power…it was a fast bike … Read More

  • An update to the Field Guide

    I just wanted to give a quick heads up. With this weeks video I have made an update to the Field Guide. The How to ride a motorcycle slow with control video did not fit well in to any of the existing categories on the Field Guide so I made … Read More

  • The MCrider Field Guide is now LIVE!

    The MCrider Field Guide is a web based tool designed for Apple iPhone and Android devices that allows you to take the great motorcycle training found on MCrider to the parking lot. The Field Guide is a motorcycle training app for your mobile phone, there is nothing else like it … Read More

  • Is the SNELL motorcycle helmet certification over rated?

    How good is your helmet? Will it actually protect your brain in your next crash? These seem like easy questions, ones you probably think you can answer by reciting the lofty standards your helmet meets and the lofty price you might have paid for it. But the real answers, as you are about to see, … Read More

  • MRS: motorcycle retention system

    The MRS motorcycle retention system will be available to general public on April 1, 2020. April Fools 2017, Enjoy! Instead of looking for the MRS system why don't you subscribe to MCrider?  We offer free weekly motorcycle classes on video to help make you a better rider. Check our current … Read More

  • Innovv K1 motorcycle camera system review

    The Innovv K1 camera system is a front and rear facing camera system for a motorcycle that automatically records every time you start your motorcycle. In short it is the best, most convenient method of capturing video on a motorcycle that I have found yet. Here is my full video … Read More

  • My Motorcycle Shifts Rough Between 1st and 2nd Gear

    “My motorcycle shifts rough between first and second gear.”  I read a lot of blogs and forums and this is a fairly common concern.  Learning to ride motorcycles correctly can be a life long pursuit. I thought I would post a quick article for people who are concerned about their motorcycles rough shifting and provide … Read More

  • 4 steps to corner a motorcycle like a pro

    There are some skills in riding a motorcycle that seem counter-intuitive. One of these is rolling on the throttle through a corner, but if you are going to corner with precision it is a skill you will need to get familiar with. New riders and some experienced riders are surprised … Read More

  • How to chin mount a GoPro on any helmet

    In this video I show you how to make a motorcycle helmet mount for your GoPro camera. The mount is made with a moldable rubber / glue called Sugru. You can purchase Sugru on Amazon, it comes in multiple packs and colors. For this project I used two packs of Sugru and one of the … Read More

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