What kind of rider are you?


What kind of rider are you? It is a simple question with a lot of nuance. Most have heard the saying, “There are two types of riders, those who have crashed and those who will crash.” If those are the only two options riding a motorcycle does not sound like much fun to an outsider.

Here is a possible third option: A rider committed to reducing his/her risk by committing to sound riding practices.

I will admit that I am a rider who has crashed. But I also believe if I knew then what I know now I would not have crashed. My skills have increased immensely since my accident. You might be thinking it is because I have so much seat time that my skills have increased but it is MUCH more than that.

I was an experienced rider when I had my last crash several years ago. But my experience was based on 1 MSF class and years of developing bad riding habits. I see “experienced riders” come in to an intermediate level riding class all the time and they are amazed at how much they learn from an 8 hour class. We can always grow as a rider.

Do I consider myself a complete rider? Not by a long shot. I have so much more to learn, I have so many skills to master. Because of that I seek training opportunities all the time to grow my riding skills to make me a better rider and one who is a little more likely to get home from my next ride.

Is riding a motorcycle high risk? Compared to driving a car it is a higher risk. Compared to free jumping from the side of a mountain, maybe not so much.

There are things we can do to greatly reduce the risks of riding a motorcycle. That is the purpose of MCrider. I love riding a motorcycle, it is the best recreational activity, means of transportation and personal passion I have. I want to be the best rider I can be, not just because it is “safer”, but because gaining riding skills is fun.

On MCrider I will share weekly videos that can help you become a better rider if you will apply the principles and commit to practicing them.

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