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MCrider motorcycle classes

MCrider motorcycle classes

The motorcycle training found with the links above can be sorted with the buttons above the videos:

Motorcycle Technique: These videos get to the nuts and bolts of riding a motorcycle often including real world practice exercises that you can do on any vacant street or safe parking lot. Topics covered here will include how to stop a motorcycle in a panic situation, how to develop smoothness with the brakes and throttle and tips to avoid being rear ended.

Road Strategy: These videos focus on the mental approach to riding a motorcycle. Topics you will find here include: reasons for motorcycle training, what is target fixation and how to avoid it and tips to improve your visibility on the road along with a host of other motorcycle strategy tips and advice.

Inspirational: Motorcycle training classes would be full every weekend if riders took their training seriously. The videos in the inspirational section will make a case for motorcycle training, why it is important and how it can improve your skills. Plus I like making these videos to remind myself why I have taken on this MCrider project.  🙂